Sunday, May 15, 2022

Update on McKeesport Connecting Railroad Gondola

I was combing through Adobe Lightroom looking at photos as I worked on the McKeesport Connecting Railroad gondola (first and second posts linked) when I realized I never posted these images. The model is now painted and decaled and I am working on the load and weathering. I will post that info soon, but I thought I would share this interim update. The main image (above) shows the car after I had sandblasted it, but prior to priming and painting.

I made several changes to the stock Funaro & Camerlengo kit. The side and end grabs were modified using 0.003" sheet brass to replicate the prototype's highly unusual mounting arrangement. I added small 0.005" styrene discs and rivets harvested from an Athearn snowplow to complete the detailing. The hand brake is a Universal type, "robbed" from a Kadee New Haven PS-1, with an Intermountain hand wheel. The pressure retaining valve is from Precision Scale with a sheet brass mount. The angle cock/air hose is from Hi-Tech. The uncoupling device was bent from brass wire.

The sill steps are etched parts from Yarmouth Model Works. The towing loop (visible below the side sill under the first pressed steel side member) is an etched part from the scrap bin, as well as the route card holder (not visible in this photo, although I will highlight in the finished model posting.) Lastly, I fashioned the top corner gussets from 0.005" styrene.

I will bring this finished model to the upcoming NERPM meet in June.

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