Sunday, March 13, 2022

Clinic files for Modeling a Plywood-Sheathed PFE -9 Rebuild


Here are the links to the clinic files for Modeling a Plywood-Sheathed PFE -9 Rebuild presented at Hindsight 20/20 12.0 on March 5, 2022, both the .pdf file and the youtube link for the video.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

This is a simple one - screen material


The tea bag after being cut "open"

I have seen many modelers try to simulate the screens on the ventilator doors of ventilated box cars. They are a very difficult thing to replicate in HO scale. Screen material is just too fine. There are many scientific filter mesh materials that are good simulations. There is also an easier method. I found it while having a cup of tea from Bushwick Tea, although I am sure there are other options. The tea bag is comprised of an extremely fine mesh material that if added to the door of a ventilated box car (or in the window of a caboose) would do a fine job at simulating screen material. The mesh is see through yet definitely visible, creating the right illusion. Drink your tea!