Friday, June 15, 2018

"The Jack Burgess Files" no. 3: GATX 60379 Type 30 Tank Car

All photos -- Newark, California, September, 1968, Jack Burgess photo, except where noted
The lighting and angle at which this photo was taken resulted in a perfect shot of the trademark feature of the Type 30 underframe - the round push pole depressions nested in the diagonally-oriented faces of the body bolsters. See this feature beautifully captured on the body bolster above the left truck in this photo. As this car was 6,579 gallons capacity, it had only a single safety valve on the dome.

By the time of the Type 30 design (1928 through World War Two), GATC had settled on a single, center tank anchor, visible below the ladder and behind the running board, securing the tank to the underframe. This car was built in March, 1930. Note that it used only two tank bands, one located at each bolster. Also, note the fairly long dome step.

GATC designs traditionally eschewed side and end sills, unlike their American Car & Foundry counterparts (see below), in favor of simple supported running boards and a modest steel angle under the running boards at the ends, plus the steel angle spanning the corners of the running boards and angling down to pass under the draft gear, as shown here. Also, note the geared staff-style hand brake.

Collection of Ted Culotta
Contrast the GATC style end arrangement to the AC&F design shown here on a Type 27 tank car, with channel section end sills and side sill sections between the bolsters and the end sills.

This photo provides a great view of the trademark bolster with circular push pole depression on the angled face, as well as the route card board and air release rod, both at extreme left below the running board.

This photo by Jack affords an excellent view of the main brake components, including reservoirs, AB valve mounted directly above the reservoirs, and cylinder with its mounting arrangement clearly visible, as well as the ladder, a portion of the tank anchor, and the placard holder.

I consulted the reprint of Freight Tariff 300-H offered by Ian Cranstone, originally issued September 13, 1955, for tank car capacities. I found a group of 17 cars in the series GATX 60374-60391, with capacity of ~6,580 gallons and dome capacity of 225 gallons. Those cars are highlighted in the relevant page, copied herein. I highly recommend this resource, as well as the earlier 1936 edition, also offered by Ian Cranstone.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Oddball 40' PS-1 Box Cars

I presented a clinic this past weekend at the New England/Northeast RPM titled "Oddball 40' PS-1 Box Cars." A .pdf version of the presentation file may be accessed via the linked clinic title above. Feedback is welcome! Thank you to Tim O'Connor for furnishing some valuable additional information.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

New England/Northeast RPM 2018

Mal Houck brought this impressive model of the NYO&W SX Tower that controlled joint trackage with the Lehigh Valley
I had the pleasure of attending the New England/Northeast RPM this past weekend in Enfield, Connecticut. This is the third year at the current location and the meet has become more of a "super-regional" event as opposed to the local flavor it had at the old venue in Collinsville, Connecticut. I suspect that it will continue to grow. That should be in no small part to the quality of the clinicians as well as the large display room full of excellent models covering the gamut of eras, excellent facilities, and a variety of vendors offering items to scratch the prototype itch. Lastly, the hotel has an area to socialize after the conclusion of events each day (including adult beverages), which I believe is an extremely important component for an RPM site. It's the people that make the event. What follows are a few images of the models that were on display...
Hunter Hughson had a nicely weather D&H PS-1 in the display room
Ryan Mendell brought several models, including this beautifully finished CN baggage-RPO
Mike Evans displayed this extremely cool model of a rebuilt D&H box car
Here are the details behind Mike's model
Mike Redden created CAD files for the New Haven's pesky low-profile roofs of their early Alco switchers. These are 3D prints of his efforts and can be ordered from Shapeways. His seller ID is NE Model Works
Another view of Mike's efforts
Jeff English brought his model of an S scale CGW 1937 AAR box car completed with the aid of the gift parts set for attendees at the 2017 Chicagoland RPM
Brian Carlson chronicled his efforts to complete a Tichy box car as a P&LE rebuild
The end view of Brian's P&LE project
Dave Oppedisano brought several BNSF covered hoppers, including this one with an interesting paint job

Butch Eyler displayed this impressively weathered CN covered hopper
Schuyler Larrabee brought his completed kitbash of this Erie auto car from the Prototype Rails 2018 "Shake 'n' Take project.
Ray Muntz showed his scratchbuilt model of Gram's Duck Farm, to represent a Long Island prototype
Bruce Castle is working on what I believe is a BAR wood chip car, converted from a box car
Ric Hamilton showed his in-progress kitbash of a CN hopper. I appreciate seeing in-progress models to understand the direction a modeler took to achieve the desired end
Will Lawrence had a variety of models including this combination door CN box car
Steve Solombrino had a number of fine flat car models with lumber loads from a variety of commercial providers, plus this load created from pieces of dimensional wood
Steve also showed this very interesting Southern box car kitbash
Bill Chapin displayed this beautiful in-progress scratchbuild of an New Haven 3800-series baggage car