Tuesday, December 17, 2019

More Prototypes for Universal 5700XL Hand Brake with M2049 Hand Wheel

PFE R-40-20 45819, Baltimore, Maryland, Sept. 28, 1951, Col. Chet McCoid photo, Bob's Photo

I have been doing some additional sleuthing and have found several more prototypes that can use the Universal 5700XL Hand Brake with M2049 Hand Wheel as created in HO scale by Kadee. Here they are, with photos in some instances. This list is still a work in progress. 
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  • Chicago and North Western Modified 1937 AAR Box cars nos. 71000-71998, 76900-77414 and 80252-81450 (all even nos.) Also, CNW 73154, even though the Hawkins Mod. '37 AAR data indicates that it shouldn't have this hand brake.
  • Chicago and North Western 50-foot Express Box cars nos. 68000-68048 (even) 
  • Chicago and North Western Hart Ballast Hopper cars nos. 13501-13999 (odd)
  • Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul & Omaha Express Box cars nos. 20000-20048 (even)
  • Erie Hopper cars nos. 28600-28899
  • New York Central Lot 694-B Automobile cars nos. 62300-62599
  • [I am quite certain that there are a lot more New York Central System (NYCS) box cars that used this power hand brake, as it seemed to the design of choice for the NYCS from the late 1930s to the mid-1940s; I am basing all listings upon photo sources and other verifiable materials.]
  • Pacific Fruit Express R-40-20 Refrigerator cars nos. 45701-46200
  • Pacific Fruit Express R-40-23 Refrigerator cars nos. 5751-6000, 7001-7500, and 47703-48202
  • Pacific Fruit Express R-30-21 Refrigerator cars nos. 64135, 64973
  • Pacific Fruit Express R-40-18 Refrigerator car no. 60417… maybe
  • Pacific Fruit Express R-40-24 Refrigerator car no. 68057
  • Pacific Fruit Express R-50-5 Refrigerator cars nos. 200367, 200375 (likely the entire series 200301-200375)
  • Union Pacific B-50-17 Box car 180931 — Ajax with Universal M2049 wheel
  • Union Pacific B-50-36 Box car 195381 (likely others, too)

  • Burlington Refrigerator Express 74000-74499 and 74500-74697 Emergency Refrigerator cars
  • Fruit Growers Express 38000-38199 and 38200-38265 and 38266-38373 Emergency Refrigerator cars
  • Western Fruit Express 66400-66499, 66500-66549 and 66550-66624 Emergency Refrigerator cars
  • Fruit Growers Express 38375-38499 Refrigerator cars
  • Fruit Growers Express 38500-38634 Refrigerator cars
  • Fruit Growers Express (FOBX) Overhead Bunker Refrigerator cars


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