Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Chicagoland RPM 2019 - Part Two

Norm Bakker displayed this attractive reworked Life-Like model of a Milwaukee 4-6-2
Here are some additional photos from the Chicagoland RPM from this past weekend, 24-26 October, 2019.
This heavily weathered Soo box car represents a company service car modeled by Tom Dowling
Dave Campbell showed off this S&G Tech 3D-based model of a C&O V4-1 ventilated box car. It is decorated with parts from Tichay, Accurail, and A-Line with custom ghost white printed decals.
Eric Hansmann displayed a similar design car (although not a ventilator) that was also built in 1923 and also represented through a private run resin kit.
Bob Chapman had a large number of cars on display, including this ACL O-16 rebuild from a Yarmouth kit
Kristen Dummler is becoming an authority on poultry equipment and is also becoming the leading modeler of such equipment, as evidenced by these two beauties

Jon Pansius is also one of the posse of mid-1920s to Depression era modelers that brought models for show. This is a private run model of an MDT reefer built in 1924
Jon also displayed this SFRD Rr-X from a Westerfield kit
Roger Hinman completed the gift from last year's event, down to the closely-spaced seam caps at the center of the roof
This 8-hatch CN reefer displayed by John Riddell is a True Line Trains HO scale model painted and lettered using Black Cat Decals
John also brought this Chad Boas resin flat car with CP trailers by Modelwerx of Vancouver. 
Ryan Mendell of National Scale Car displayed his model of last year's gift to attendees. Note the correct black roof. Ryan reworked many details, including a scratchbuilt underframe.
Weathering guru Hunter Hughson displayed one of the models covered during his weathering clinic. It started as a factory decorated Kadee model and was then weathered using many of the techniques that he discussed.
Hunter also had this in-progress model of a 1966 rebuild of a 1929 CN single sheathed box car.
These are two more examples of the many loads on display from Craig Wilson. They are both NYC models. The shorter one is a Red Caboose model, while the longer is a resin offering from Protowest. The wood loads are scale lumber
This brass 'bash caught my eye because I was gifted this exact brass model several months ago, with no accompanying documentation. Steve Hile's efforts can be used as a foundation for my own. The prototype is a Warren 8,000 gallon ICC 104W insulated tank car built in 1953 by AC&F. The model is from Iron Horse/Precision Scale.
Here are this year's parts and below is a photo of the prototype by Will Whittaker

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