Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wordy Wednesday

CP 241170, San Diego, California, October 9, 1954, Col. Chet McCoid photo, Bob's Photo
This installment of Wordy Wednesday is another of the fine photos by Col. Chet McCoid recorded in San Diego. The Canadian Pacific had 7,500 of these distinctive box cars, built in 1929-1930. They had a unique combination of characteristics that made them stand out in any consist, including five-foot door openings, an inside height of only 8'6", and the first known use of L (angle) side sills with tabbed, channel section supports at the body bolsters and under the door openings. They were also (somewhat) more "stylish" for their use of the Murphy radial roof and Dalman two-level trucks (on some cars, including the one shown above).

HO scale modelers are fortunate to have fine resin versions of these cars, originally marketed under the Yankee Clipper name and subsequently absorbed into the Funaro & Camerlengo line. The model shown here is one I built about a decade ago (or more, give or take) and featured in the "Essential Freight Cars" series in Railroad Model Craftsman.

P.S. read this article about the fates, both good and bad, of several stations.

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