Sunday, September 23, 2018

Revised and Updated "Oddball 40' PS-1 Box Cars" as presented at MARPM

The revised and updated "Oddball 40' PS-1 Box Cars" presentation from the 2018 Mid-Atlantic RPM has been uploaded to the Speedwitch files page. The only change of significance is the work done on the NP 40' combination door car. I am targeting completion for display of the pattern and build work for all but one of the project cars for Prototype Rails (Cocoa Beach).

The "project" cars include:

  • CNW automobile car
  • SAL AF-4 automobile car
  • CNW riveted box car
  • at least one 12-panel box car
  • NP combination door car (the side illustrated above)
  • Southern 9' door opening box car

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