Monday, September 24, 2018

2018 Mid-Atlantic RPM

The largest and most impressive model was the MV Danica Marie as created by host, Bernie Kempinski
This past weekend, I attended the Mid-Atlantic RPM held at the DoubleTree Baltimore-BWI Airport. I had last attended the meet a few years ago at its old location in Fredericksburg, Virginia. While the Fredericksburg meet was enjoyable, it likely suffered from its location and attendance was not large in numerical terms. This year's meet seemed, to this attendee, to have a greater turnout. I believe it was due to relocating to the area between Baltimore and DC. The clinics were of high caliber and the models on display were also high quality. Lastly, and not a trivial concern, is the fact that the hotel had good facilities, good lighting, as well as a restaurant and bar on the premises. Should Bernie and his team decide to continue the event, I have little doubt that it will grow given all these factors. I can certainly recommend it as a weekend well-spent!
I believe this scratchbuilt structure was the work of Stanley McAdoo...
... as was this Norfolk Southern SD70M
Bernie Kempinski showed off his fine etchings on the sides of these large auto loaders
Ralph DeBlasi brought several flat cars with interesting loads
Jerry Dembeck built one of the interesting PFE R-70-2s from a Sunshine kit
Fritz Dahlin created interesting aluminum bales from the real stuff...
... as well as resin interiors for his car models.
Brad Trenkamp displayed this incredible in-progress model of the American Can Company
It is scratchbuilt and features photos of real windows for the window sections. The effect is highly realistic and lends a usually unseen "3D" character to that element of the model. My favorite model from the meet!
Tom Devenny had a large number of freight cars on display, including this realistically weathered Branchline kit of a DT&I box car
He also detailed a Con-Cor model of an ACL ventilator, proving that toy trains can be modified into prototypical miniatures, too
Ted Dilorio conducted a hand-on weathering clinic and had models to illustrate his techniques
Todd Hermann displayed beautiful models of the CQ Tower and Maintainers' buildings at milepost 97 on the Lehigh Valley in West Catasauqua, PA, circa 1956
As always, Bill Hanley shared his highly details B&O models
Adam Henry flew the banner for N Scale with this Ma & Pa CF7 conversion... 
... as well as this scratchbuilt model of the lime loadout at the Vulcan Quarry in Hanover, PA
Butch Eyler held court promoting the virtues of Gouache as a medium for weathering (I agree)
At an adjacent table, Ted Dilorio and Ralph Heiss also offered hands-on weathering
Tom Potthast showed some S scale models, including this bridge from castings by Tom Meisner and custom decals for Landsdowne Avenue in St. Louis
Tom also brought this S Helper SW-9 decorated for Frisco
Adam Chilcote displayed this Penn Central with a structural load...
... as well as this NYC AAR 70-ton flat with highly realistically weathered deck.


  1. Marty,

    Sorry I missed you at the RPM meet this weekend. I agree, though, that the venue, was great. I enjoyed the modeling and the clincs too.

    Jonathan Jones

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      I think you may have confused me with Marty McGuirk. I was sorry to see he couldn't make it.

      Ted Culotta


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