Monday, February 22, 2016

MinuteMan Scale Models Wheel Painting Jig

MinuteMan Scale Model HO scale wheel painting jig
For several years I have used the wheel painting jig offered by American Model Builders. It is a clear acrylic laser cut jig that one glues together. When I purchased it, I appreciated its simplicity and great value. I did have one complaint: the way the jig is arranged, the wheelsets are too close together to easily allow complete painting of the two "interior" wheelsets (the ones not at the edges of the jig). However, given that it otherwise performed its intended function and there was not an alternative, I made do. I ordered this jig from MinuteMan Scale Models a couple months back and it is everything the AMB jig was, but has a greater space between each wheelset, allowing my airbrush access to easily paint the surface of all the wheelsets. Problem solved. It's nice when you can get a product that solves the problem of the product which it replaces!

P.S. MinuteMan is also the new owner of Scalecoat paints, for those of you who prefer Scalecoat

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