Saturday, April 29, 2023

One Hundred Ghosts


At the recent RPM East Meet, in addition to the usual clinics, vendors, and model display room, I was also able to socialize with some of the usual suspects at the hotel. One of those having traveled from far(ther) afield was Blaine Hadfield of Arrowhead Models, from Wyoming. He brought along a copy of his new book, One Hundred Ghosts, which he had just received from the printer. Both Hunter Hughson and I ordered copies right then and there.

This is one of those books that combines a few of my interests and passions. My interest in things railroad is obvious given this blog, but I am also very passionate about photography as an art medium, especially landscapes, and what can loosely be described as industrial archaeology. This work has all of those in spades. [it is similar, but to me, surpasses Down By the Feed Mill, coming from that same place of affection]

The photography is exceptional, evoking not only the feeling and moods of the grain elevators and their environs, but the actual sense of them as beings. They represented the lifeblood of their pieces of the rural network. Blaine has magnificently captured the emotions wrapped up in these sentinels of the landscape.

I have barely begun to delve into this book. I look forward to reading it in stolen snippets of 10 or 15 minutes to imbibe each elevator and location. Blaine has provided a wealth of background detail, as well, to provide context to the structures and his efforts. Bravo on a job well done!

The images included herein are included for representation. They are simply examples, not any better than any others. I just wanted to illustrate Blaine's fine work. Also, the computer monitor will not do justice to the work in the book. The printing is excellent and the colors and moods of the images are faithfully rendered. 

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