Saturday, January 15, 2022

File from Clinic at Hindsight 20/20 11.0

I finally added the photo credits to the presentation file from Hindsight 20/20 11.0, PFE Early 1950s Fleet (the .pdf file may be accessed via the link.) The presentation may be viewed on youtube, as well, via this link.


  1. Hi Ted. Thanks for this very much looking forward to it! One small nitpick though is that your Youtube page is set up as YouTube Kids so you cannot save the video to watch later (basically bookmarking it).

    1. Hi Brian. I have to plead ignorance. When uploading videos one of the questions is about age appropriateness of content. I don't want to limit the audience to a specific minimum age since I probably would have been watching stuff like this when I was a kid. I think the min is 14 years old and there is nothing inappropriate about the content to preclude a child of 10 from watching. If there's a middle ground setting that has no age limits and also lets it be something that can be saved, I'd love to be educated. Cheers

  2. Thank you, Ted! I missed this one due to a family commitment that day and was bummed. I wish more of the HS 20/20 stuff was online for re-watching. It's such great content! Thanks again.


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