Sunday, January 19, 2020

Prototype Rails 2020

Bruce Smith displayed many cars with military loads, including this CNW AAR flat car with Roco tanks
Prototype Rails 2020 was hosted at the Hilton Oceanfront in Cocoa Beach, Florida January 9-11. Mike Brock and his able crew put together another excellent event with nationally recognized clinicians, a great vendor and model room, cookies twice per day, and perfect weather. Unfortunately, while the clinic list was impressive, I failed to attend the few that I most wanted to see. However, it was another fantastic weekend. This event easily retains its position as the most relaxing on the RPM calendar. I managed to record several photos of modelers' efforts in the display room. Here is a sample of what was out on the tables.
This is an in-progress Cannon parts set to model a Seaboard Air Line (later SCL) phosphate box car displayed by Ken O'Brien

Randy Hammill of Prototype Junction had an in-progress New Haven DL-109 on view

This exquisitely weathered model was displayed by Thoroughbred Railroad Models

Bill Raymond scratchbuilt this model of a B&O Chicago Terminal Railroad transfer caboose, one of six such prototypes converted from secondhand M-43 class cars absorbed from the BR&P

Event host Mike Brock showed off this heavily weathered ART reefer, presumably from an Amarillo Railroad Museum/Intermountain car

Dr. Denny Anspach cobbled together parts from NKP Car, Bethlehem, CalScale, Hi-Tech, Central Valley, and American Limited to model CB&Q Diner-Parlor 307
Steve Orth modeled Union Pacific diner 3696 using two Walthers cars, a roof spliced from Walthers and Branchline parts, plus a scratchbuilt underframe detailed with Walthers. Branchline, and scratchbuilt parts

Eric Thur displayed several flat cars with heavy loads, including this PRR flat by F&C with a 3D printed load from Multiscale Digital (eBay seller id: multiscale_digital_llc)

Steve Hile brought this impressive model of the coal chute at Bureau Junction, Illinois on the Rock Island all the way from Chicago (hopefully he brought it by car and not via airline!)

Ross Dando/Twin Star Cars showed off this exquisite O scale rebuilt Rock Island flat car, including stunning deck
Jim Zwerneman scratchbuilt the major components of this Fort Worth & Denver box car and married it to an Atlas roof. The decals are from Bruce Blalock and the trucks are Proto48 standard

Ryan Mendel of Nation Scale Car brought an in-progress B&O M-26D/E using Speedwitch Duryea under frame parts
Brian Carlson used a Sunshine Naperville "gift" kit of the FM-11/FM-11A class flat car plus a Sunshine min-kit for a pair of Caterpillar crawlers

This F37 class flat car is an F&C resin kit as built and detailed by Bruce Smith
Al Brown scratchbuilt this impressive Seaboard Air Line AF class 50' auto car using styrene

Blair Davies shortened an Athearn 70' baggage car to 60 feet and added scratchbuilt sides to replicate an Erie baggage car

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