Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wordy Wednesday - Photos from Prototype Rails 2019

After missing last year's Prototype Rails due to the vicissitudes of Mother Nature, I was really anxious to make it down to Cocoa Beach this year. Everything went off smoothly (including my first ever flights on JetBlue and their extra legroom was appreciated by this tall guy). The event did not disappoint, as always. Mike Brock and his crew kept things running smoothly, Marty Megregian maintained order in the display room, and Jeff Aley compiled a top notch lineup of clinics.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, here are approximately 23,000...

There were many fine tank car models on display. Tony Thompson brought this Sunshine General American Type 30

Butch Eyler has become synonymous with amazing weathering jobs using guache paints.

This CN cylindrical covered hopper was also Butch's handiwork

Eric Thur displayed this colorful Frisco USRA rebuild from a Sunshine kit

He also modeled this interesting load of Allis-Chalmers circuit breakers... more on those in an upcoming post

Bill Darnaby of the Maumee Route fame has also become famous for his display of tank cars. This Union Starch model is from a Sunshine kit

Resin Car Works produced this Consolidated Chemical acid tank car as modeled by Bill

This UTLX Type X is also from Bill

Bill also brought another Resin Car Works acid car, this one decorated for Hooker

Not to be outdone, Steve Hile presented a clinic about Warren tank cars, as well as several models

Here is a closeup of one of the in progress models

David Vaughn models in O scale and displayed this impressive Nickel Plate (ex-Wheeling & Lake Erie) gon

This Comet Models wood craftsman kit from the 1939-1941 era is an oldie, but a goodie from Dr. Denny Anspach
Mont Switzer brought models of freight equipment from his beloved Monon, including this 1947-built precursor to the PS-1

Al Brown always beings several interesting models. This is his take on the tried and true Tichy flat car, lettered for NC&StL

He also showed a Tangent acid car decaled for GATX using decals from Dan Kohlberg

Roger Hinman built last year's Shake 'n' Take kitbash for an Erie auto car

Chuck Davis presented a master class in Lehigh Valley box and auto cars and displayed many fine replicas

Bruce Smith always brings several trains worth of models. This X26 is from Westerfield

Bruce also modeled this spectacular landing craft loaded on an ACL flat car (Tichy)

Fenton Wells displayed another Shake 'n' Take car. This WP rebuild is from a few years ago.

As usual, Bill Welch brought several in progress models, including this CNJ ARA box car with many scratchbuilt details

Bill also brought several Emergency box cars, including this Chicago and North Western beauty

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