Sunday, November 3, 2019

Moloco Barber 70-ton S-2-A trucks

Santa Fe Ft-V Emergency Flat Car ATSF 91500 used Barber S-2-A 70-ton plain bearing trucks
Moloco Trains recently released 70-ton Barber trucks in both plain bearing S-2-A as well as plain and roller bearing S-2-C versions. As I type this, the 70-ton S-2-A version in narrow wheel tread width are out of stock. I hope they will run more. I ordered enough pour moi, but they could be useful to others.

Closeup of the truck on ATSF 91500
The truck is beautifully tooled and they rolled quite well right out of the bag. They include brake shoes and are up to the standards set by Tahoe Model Works. I do have one criticism. The part where the bolster sits in the sideframe is quite fragile and many of the 29 pairs that I received have damage of varying degrees, with some being unsalvageable.

The Moloco Trains Barber S-2-A 70-ton plain bearing truck
There was a sister truck to this one with a vertical web in the center of the bolster that would make an excellent follow-on companion to these, should Moloco be so inclined. They are to be praised for producing such a beautiful truck.

I am in the process of compiling a list of prototypes that used these and will post at a later date.

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