Sunday, February 10, 2019

Arrowhead Models Definitive HO 1:87.1 Wheelset

One of my regular customers brought a box of these to show to me at Timonium last Sunday. He had purchased them from M. B. Klein ( - at the time of this post there were some of the subject items in stock; none were available from Arrowhead Models.) The item I am referring to is the "Definitive HO 1:87.1 Wheelset" from Arrowhead Models, available in both 33 and 36-inch HO scale diameter wheels.

I ordered two packs from M. B. Klein and they arrived within a few days. The packaging itself is impressive (a little too much in the opinion of this avowedly "green" writer), consisting of a box and blister pack "cradles" designed to protect any of the wheels from coming into contact and possible damaging the needle-pointed axle tips.

The wheelsets are as advertised. There is little doubt that these are some of the finest wheelsets I have ever seen. The shape is impressive, with each wheel and axle machined from nickel silver. They are insulated on one axle. I presume that given that the founder of Arrowhead had a previous relationship with Exactrail, these wheelsets are a related brainchild to Exactrail's "World's Finest Wheels" which are similarly machined, but blackened.

The nits and they are really more of wishes. Using a micrometer, I measured the wheelset axle length to be just under 1.000". I would really like to see a few other axle length offerings, perhaps 0.975", something in the 1.010" or 1.015" range, and similarly a 1.025"-1.030" range. In addition, I would like to see a 100-pack at a slightly more attrative per unit price. Lastly, make more! These were practically gone before I even knew of their existence.

Price from M. B. Klein is $42.95 plus shipping for 24 wheelsets.

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