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Dalman One-level Trucks: Part One


May 29, 1937, Kingston, Rhode Island, Bob's Photo

A preliminary note: this post covers only Dalman One-level trucks without Barber Lateral Motion Devices. There will be a "Part Two" that delves into that group. There is a table of known (to me) prototype users of this design at the end of this post.

Dalman one-level truck under MILW 595000-series automobile car

The Dalman Two-level truck had a lesser known and lesser adopted sibling, the Dalman One-level. While not as distinctive as its sibling, the One-level was nevertheless unusual in appearance.

MILW 595775 had its Hutchins Dry Lading roof raised by seven inches and rides on Dalman One-level trucks, too! Jay Williams/Big Four Graphics

Why the post about this truck? Well, we are now fortunate to have a beautiful HO scale version of this truck, just in time to pair with my forthcoming Milwaukee 50' single sheathed auto cars. Plate C has released yet another fine rendition of a truck missing from the HO scale modelers lineup. 

Plate C's HO scale Dalman One-level truck

February 27, 1948, PRR Eastbound Yards at Radnor Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Bob Charles Collection, Kalmbach Memorial Library

I am certain this list is not exhaustive. If you know of any omissions or errors, please leave a comment below and I will update the table. Thank you!

RoadSeries BeginSeries EndTypeNotes
Erie3900039799HopperARA 70-ton
MILW271500271999Automobile50'; single sheathed
MILW360000361999Gondola70-ton; composite;renumbered to 70000-series
MILW595000596147Automobile40'; single sheathed; renumbered to 597000-series (qty. unknown)
MILW650150650749Flattrucks Dalman by Bettendorf
MILW*716500716999Box40'; single sheathed
MKT4000140050HopperARA 70-ton
MP5500055499HopperARA 70-ton; 1937/1942 conv. to LO in series 1700-1724 and 1770-1981
MP8907089169Automobile50'; single sheathed; may be other similar MP Lines w/Dalman one-level
MP9300095249Box40'; single sheathed
NH**6050060649GondolaClass GA-4
NH81000HopperARA 70-ton; secondhand from ?
NH115000115545HopperClass HM-2; some sold to NH Trap Rock

*There were several groups of MILW cars, including from the 714000-series of virtually identical single sheathed cars, that rode on a Symington truck that can best be described as a hybrid of the Dalman one- and two-level designs, without Barber lateral motion devices. It is not the same as Dalman design trucks

**There are photographic examples of Dalman one-level trucks in use on NH 58000- and 60000-series gondolas. Those are likely replacements or swaps made in the company shops

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